Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zumba Kicked My Ass Tonight

Zumba totally kicked my ass tonight. I was expecting Karla, our regular Wednesday teacher- but instead we had Elizabeth.

I take zumba with Elizabeth on Mondays, so I know her style and her routines, but I was expecting a more relaxed zumba experience today.

Elizabeth is my preferred instructor. I love her music, her routines are interesting, and I always get a great workout with her. However, she doesn't do as much actual teaching as Karla.

Karla is zumba for beginners, Elizabeth is definitely the advanced class. Karla moves slower, explains more. Elizabeth just says "Follow me", that and "Energy guys, come on!"

As one of the rhythmically challenged, I have a hard time following- I leave her class feeling uncoordinated and out of step. (Which is sad, because I've been taking classes with her for a couple of months now. I still don't have her routines down!) Of course I also leave sweaty, sore, and out of breath.

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