Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh In (Late)

Height- 5'4"
Weight- 175 lbs
Cruise Countdown- 151 days

Short Term Goal- 170 lbs
Intermediate Goal- 160 lbs
Long Term Goal- 130 lbs

Okay- I'm not sure how I managed to lose 6 pounds this week. I think I stuck to the eating plan pretty well, but I really slacked off on the exercise. Plus, I'm not sure that it's really possible to lose 6 pounds in 8 days! Maybe moving the scale around for football sign-ups affected it.

I guess I'm seeing some difference in my clothes- not a lot though. I've got one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts that are noticeably looser, but everything else is about the same. I'm waiting to get back into my little black skirts. I've had them for years, I used to wear them when I was subbing. I can get into them, but there's really no give in the waist band. It would be nice to wear them again.

I can't believe I'm only 15 pounds away from my intermediate goal (assuming that the Y scale can be trusted). I have about 10 weeks until Thanksgiving, and I'll be on the road for at least 3 of them. Here's hoping I can keep everything together. It would be nice to hit another short term goal before the holidays.

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