Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daily Recap

Breakfast - 1 Greek Peach Yogurt, 1 Chocolate Chip Muffin, 1 Lemon-Poppyseed Mini-Muffin, 1 Dark Chocolate Hershey's Mini
Lunch - None
Dinner - 1 Large Papa Murphy's Pizza on DeLight Crust - Spinach, Tomatoes, and Chicken
Dessert - 1 Jell-O Dark Chocolate Pudding Cup
Beverages - Iced Tea and Water

Activity - 1 5K in about 33 Minutes.

Highlights -

Ran in the Honker 5K this morning - best time ever but still dead last (that's probably hyperbole, but not by much!). I will not be running with the Pierre Area Running Club anytime soon. I would do nothing but slow them down.

Caught The Office and Community today. I expect Angela's pregnancy was planned, while Pam's had to be written in. I'm sorry we missed Angela and the Senator's wedding though - maybe we'll get some flashbacks! I can't wait to see how Community shakes out- the Annie/Jeff allusions were terribly overt and that is my ship. Britta as a therapist is horribly funny. I'm pretty sure Abed is retreating more into the world of television in a very dangerous way- makes me wonder if he's had more communication with his mother. An intervention may be necessary.

I borrowed The Other Guys from the library and watched it. It was funnier than I thought it was going to be.

I still need to catch up with the rest of my shows. I still want to see The Playboy Club, among other things. I need to explore all the sites and see which episodes are available for streaming. TV's a lot more work now that I don't have DVR.

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