Wednesday, November 2, 2011

366 Days

In 365 days I'll be on my way to Orlando, FL.

In 366 days I will be on board the Disney Fantasy.

Today I am 16 pounds heavier than when I was on the Disney Magic in February.

My pants are getting uncomfortable and I hate it. It's time to crackdown. I have one year to make my goal - maintaining a weight somewhere between 120-1230 pounds. To do this, I need to start being serious (again) about my diet and exercise habits. It's time for....The Crackdown!

Crackdown Rules

1. If it comes from a drive-through or a delivery person, don't eat it. I'm re-instituting the ban on fast food. And yes, this is going to include Papa Murphy's!

"Exception" - Road trips and trips to Sioux Falls.

2. If it's in the break-room or on the filing cabinet, it's not for me. Snacking at work is not working out for me. I'm taking a page from Nancy Reagan and just saying, "NO!"

3. I know how to cook - I don't need to go to a restaurant to eat. I just need to not be lazy.

4. Exercise is not to be skipped. I vow to work-out at least 5-7 days a week. I may not make all of my scheduled classes, but there's no excuse for missing completely. Even if I have to deal with that bitch Jillian.

I figure if I can go back to keeping my calorie count between 12-1500 a day, and keep up with the exercise, I should be able to lose about a pound a week. If I can do that, I should be able to fit back into my pants within a month. My bras will fit better within three months, and I might be able to justify some new clothes when I go to Orlando in January (not a cruise, just parks).

Upcoming Problems

1. 31 Party - I'm cooking and it's not likely to be healthy. My plan is to get other people to take the leftovers home. Also, to not skimp out on the exercising.

2. Thanksgiving - Just deal with the fact that you will be eating that weekend and it will include desserts. Fortunately, I still have the 5K on Friday, I can sign up for zumba on Saturday, and use Amy's treadmill when needed. There shouldn't be an excuse to skip exercising.

3. Christmas - I'll be baking, I'll be sampling, I'll try to keep it under control. Using cookies as gifts should help.

4. Orlando - I'll be in Orlando for the week after New Year's. I'm hoping walking around the parks will negate the park food.

5. Las Vegas - I'll be in Las Vegas for a long weekend in June. I will be at the buffets. Again, hoping the walking around negates at least some of the food.


If I can get my BMI to read normal rather than overweight, I'm going to buy the DVD cabinet I found on Amazon. It'll take some time to get that 20-25 pounds off, so I should have time to save up the $300 I'll need.

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