Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Recap - With Weigh In

Breakfast - 1 Banana
Lunch - 1 Bowl of Oatmeal with Cranberries
Dinner - 1 Bowl of Fruit and 1 Health Choice Chicken in Honey Dijon
Dessert - 1 Dark Chocolate Jell-O Pudding Cup
Beverages - Iced Tea and Water

Activity - 45 minutes of H20 Kickboxing

Weight - 163 lbs.
Height - 5'4"

Next Week's Goal - 162 lbs.

Short Term Goal - 150 lbs by January 9 (Orlando Trip!)

Medium Goal - 140 lbs by April (Next Health Check)

Long Term Goal - 130 lbs by June (School Reunion in Las Vegas)

Ultimate Goal - Maintain a weight of 120-130 lbs.

Because - I don't want to be the fat bitch at the next family reunion (2013). It's enough to just be a bitch.

Highlights -

Hawaii Five-0 - I KNEW the baby wasn't Danno's! I wasn't surprised that the team got back together, however seeing Jenna with Wo Fat was disconcerting. I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes.

Castle - If Castle and Beckett don't get their shit together this season, I'm calling shenanigans. Time to fish or cut bait!

How I Met Your Mother - I was totally thinking of Victoria when Robin brought up the "timing and chemistry" thing! I'm happy to see them revisiting the relationship - even if she's not the Mother. I loved Barney and Robin's dance number and drunk Marshall was a delight.

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