Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Theater!

Living in the middle of the middle west, live theater can be tough to come by. Lucky me, I've got tickets to two shows this month!

Last weekend, our local community theater put on "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller. Normally my theater experiences are limited to musicals and comedies. What can I say? Theater is my escape and I like a happy ending. As this was written by Arthur Miller, I knew this wasn't going to be to my normal taste. The only reason I was going was so that I didn't waste the ticket. I bought the membership package this year and that comes with a free ticket to each show. So a group of five of us made our reservations and prepared to be entertained.

Now I've seen good community theater and bad community theater, and the size of the community doesn't guarantee that the production will be of quality. Honestly the worst show I ever sat through was put on by the biggest city in our state. That said, our local community theater puts out a consistently good product. The show had a few pacing issues, but overall it was very well done!

I keep thinking that I need to volunteer with the Players, but I'm honestly not sure what I would bring to the table. The best that I could do would be to run the box office!

After the show we all went to Red Rossa for drinks and dessert. As Red Rossa has only been open for a month, this was the best time to check it out. (Okay, I had been to the one in SF and was able to snag an invite to their tryout. This was the best time for the OTHER people in our group to check it out.) The bar was what you'd expect - I couldn't get my Harvey Wallbanger so I ended up drinking an iced tea. Not that you could tell because my brain decided to disengage from my mouth and just let me talk and ramble on the entire night. Not awesome because a couple of the people were new to the group. They had no idea what they were getting into.

This coming Saturday I'll be watching the other end of the spectrum. The national touring company of "In the Heights" will be stopping in SF and I've got tickets!

I've loved "In the Heights" ever since the Amazing Seth Rudetsky introduced me to the soundtrack on Sirius Radio. (I siriusly miss that subscription!) I've since downloaded the complete soundtrack and have memorized most of the songs. I have high hopes for this show!

I saw Young Frankenstein (another touring company) in the same venue last month and had an awesome time! My only complaint is that we were so far from the stage, and I expect our tickets will be in the same area this time as well. One thing I love about community theater is that there are no nose bleed seats. Everyone is close enough to see the action!

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