Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Movie

Freedom Writer's was on VH1 tonight and I found myself sucked in, despite my Hilary Swank issues (I don't actually hate her, I just don't see her as a selling point to any movie). Here are a list of things I thought of during the movie:

Erin's attempts to be cool were painful to watch.

I'm not sure why she thought her fellow teacher's would support her efforts - we never saw any evidence that she had any type of relationship with them.

Patrick Dempsey is hot

I don't know how she had time to stay late at school with two part-time jobs.

It does not surprise me that she only stayed at that school for four years.

I really wanted the "where are they now" ending. I like to know how things turn out. Yes, we saw what happened to Erin, but I want to know about the kids. It's all well and good to say that "most" of them went on to college, but I need more.

Lou Diamond Phillips needed a role - even if it was just sitting in the back of the classroom. (Maybe he got lost on his way to calculus?)

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